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Under the Management of
' The Daughters of the Cross '

  • Applications for admission into the Kindergarten Class, (aged-4+) are accepted in June, July for the following year, with :# Self addressed stamped envelope (9"x4")

  • Application Forms are issued, 1st week of August every year.

  • Applications are not considered, unless accompanied by
        (a) a copy of the Birth/Baptism Certificate
        (b) 2 copies of the recent photo (passport size)
  • Each selected applicant will receive a letter by the first week of October from the Headmistress, calling for prior Registration of name and other particulars etc.

  • The Headmistress is the Sole Authority, concerning admission. Recommendations for Admission of any type, will call for automatic disqualification.

  • The Student's Date of Birth, once registered at the time of admission, cannot be changed.


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